Road Safety Must Be A Priority

India is heading towards better infrastructure and better vehicles. But on another hand in every one hour, 423 road crash deaths are happening.In 2019, 4,37,396 Road Crashes 1,54,732 fatalities and 4,39,262 people got injured. This is a high time to take the step steps to make the Roads more Safer with more participation of Government, Corporates, NGOs and Public.

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Nitin Gadkari Minister of Road Transport and Highways
Transport & Highways
Government of India, New Delhi

I am happy to learn that TRAX (Traffic Reforms and Advocacy Experts), non-government organisation working in the field of Road Safety is coming out with its annual report for the year 2019-2020.

Road accidents have become a major concern to one and all in this direction our Government has taken various steps to curb every kind of disaster on roads and to save precious lives.

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General (Dr.) V.K Singh Minister of State for
Road Transport & Highways
Government of India,
New Delhi

It is great to share that, Now Road Safety has been a recognized issue in the current scenario inspite has become an important matter to discuss these days in India. Road Traffic Crashes are a non-communicable disease and prominent cause of death and injuries across the world. As per the Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018 more than 1.35 million people were killed globally due to road traffic crashes.

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About TRAX

TRAX is a NGO, dedicated towards Road Safety using Psychological and Innovative approach, since more than 11 years. At the International Level, TRAX is having membership with Global Alliance of NGOs...

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What we Do?

TRAX - A Road Safety NGO, has completed more than a decade of efforts on Road Safety and also well known for its contribution in the field of Road Safety. All the interventions of TRAX have been derived from...

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About Road Safety

Road Safety is a process or method to prevent roach crashes and fatalities, by adopting or implementing different safety measures, including road users such as Pedestrian, Cyclist, MTW riders, Light/heavy...

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Impact of Our work

TRAX has been involved in Awareness and advocacy for Road Safety for last 12 years and have created many successful stories. TRAX have worked with different communities as well as different State Governments and made ‘Road Safety’ a demand for better lifestyle. We have reached more than 10 lacs people through our awareness program and media reach.

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Anurag Kulshrestha Founder President TRAX S.Society
WHO LDP Member, India

And Yes, we need to evaluate the Last Decade 2011-2020, to understand our falls and rises!The world is leading towards the new #2030 target with a recent Stockholm Declaration. Thewhole world of Road Safety was encouraged to take the Torch of Road Safety to the next levelsand our leaders have ensured us for the same.

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Rajni Gandhi Founder General Secretary, TRAX

Thanksful to our Supporters, Volunteers, Stakeholders from all the Government Departments from Central and States! I am also thankful to the Road Crash Fighters who have come forward and joined hands to work with TRAX. And Bravo Team TRAX, keep on the good work!

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Our Reach

Team TRAX feels proud to serve the Nations and We are glad that since 12 years we have almost reached more than 2.7 million people through Training, Workshops , Media and Social Media about Road Safety and encouraged them to be good citizens in order to achieve our common mission through our different campaigns, social media and Media Engagement. TRAX has worked / working in the state of Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka, Telangana, Sikkim and Gujarat on different Road Safety projects.

14 States
3440 Youth Engagement
2.7 Millions Outreach

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‘Road Safety and Juniors’ a one year program jointly initiated by the TRAX, Government of Haryana, and M.G Motor focused on spreading road safety awareness among school students to make safe use of Roads and secure for them and their loved ones. The Initiative Road Safety and Juniors aimed to educate young students through trained teachers across schools in Gurugram and Faridabad.

295 teachers from 257 schools and 504 school bus drivers have been trained on Road Safety and the Role of Bystander as well as first aid education.

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"In conclusion, I would like to say that Road Safety Rangers was very successful in making people aware and educating them about Road Safety as road signs make the road users conscious of hazardous conditions on the road beforehand."

Mr Sujeet Chavan, Professor VSIT

"It was an amazing experience working with TRAX, Road Safety NGO, the coordinators and team were easy to approach and helpful in all aspects. Have come to know fact and challenges about road safety that was previously unknown, thus it was a very helpful campaign in order to sensitise society about Road Safety.We would definitely like to work with TRAX further."

Aahan Chaurasiya,Volunteer-Thakur College

"During the campaign, we have learnt various skills such as time management, Organising skills, Team Work, and also we have developed ourself to educate people about road safety by conducting various activities during the Road Safety Rangers Program and public speaking."

Vipin Gupta, Volunteer VES College

"It was an immense pleasure to became the volunteer of Road Safety Rangers initiative, Through this initiative, we have learnt several road safety aspects. Road Safety was an issue which was not taken seriously by people earlier. By volunteering in this programme we have learnt about road safety should be a priority and being youth it's also our responsibility to sensitize the community. Now our team is well aware about Road Safety and its consequences in India and educating society also on the same."

Aniket, Volunteer VSIT College

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