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India is heading towards better infrastructure and better vehicles. But on another hand in every one hour, 423 road crash deaths are happening.In 2019, 4,37,396 Road Crashes 1,54,732 fatalities and 4,39,262 people got injured. This is a high time to take the step steps to make the Roads more Safer with more participation of Government, Corporates, NGOs and Public.

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Anurag Kulshrestha

Founder General Secretary, TRAX

And Yes, we need to evaluate the Last Decade 2011-2020, to understand our falls and rises!The world is leading towards the new #2030 target with a recent Stockholm Declaration. Thewhole world of Road Safety was encouraged to take the Torch of Road Safety to the next levelsand our leaders have ensured us for the same.

Unfortunately, the world has witnessed a Covid-19 pandemic and the attention of leaders haveautomatically diverted and that is the demand of time. And, from this pandemic situation, we have observed the togetherness, straight forwarddecisions by the leaders and Governments to control the pandemic. The great power of theleaders and the activeness of all Departments have pushed to give a thought that yes, it ispossible in our respective countries that all stakeholders can work together, just we need aleader, the leadership and combined efforts to achieve the goal!

Role of the media is even appreciable at this moment. The Developing World has fantastically made a grip on the issue and fully need to control thespread of Covid-19.

In the same way, the Developing World can achieve the target of 2030 of Road Safety. Theleaders need to know high affected road users and prioritize them and their safety. Wearing a standardized helmet – Can actually play a major role in many countries. Simultaneously planning of Roads with current available resources and by adopting best Traffic Management Practices, can lead to many success stories.

I, urge the leaders from respected countries to involve NGOs, Corporate with an annual target to achieve the goal of the next Decade. My sincere thanks to all the Stakeholders, Corporate volunteers and friends who have associated with TRAX in this journey.