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India is heading towards better infrastructure and better vehicles. But on another hand in every one hour, 423 road crash deaths are happening.In 2019, 4,37,396 Road Crashes 1,54,732 fatalities and 4,39,262 people got injured. This is a high time to take the step steps to make the Roads more Safer with more participation of Government, Corporates, NGOs and Public.

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Road Safety Management

The developed World has a System for the management of road safety which has developed over the last few decades. Today, the Safe System approach is seen as the most relevant approach in guiding the management of road safety. TRAX has been working with different stakeholders and also keep trying to get them together in its different projects by engaging the respective stakeholders, concerned departments on Road Safety and Lead Agency on Road Safety. TRAX has been doing advocacy on various Road Safety issues since more than 15 years with the goal to enhance the Road Safety scenario across the country. TRAX has been engaged in planning of National Road Safety Week and has been a part of its preparation meetings with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways as well as with other Stakeholders. TRAX has been part of District Road Safety Committee Meetings also in different Districts and have advocated the concerned issues. TRAX has been engaged with other NGO colleagues from different parts of country and delighted to work in collaborations and advocate the issues like Safer Vehicles, Safe Infrastructure and Management for Post Crash Care in India and etc.

TRAX has been vehemently active in the Capacity Upgradation and Knowledge Sharing programs for concerned stakeholders. Through Training Sessions, Webinars, and Knowledge Sharing on Helmet Safety, Stringent Enforcement of Wearing of IS: 4151 Standardized Helmets, Implementation of Section 138 (4) (f) of CMVR- 1989, and Safe and Forgiving Road Infrastructure Designs, and ground activities we have reached out to the Traffic Police/Police and Transport Departments of 13 Indian States and trying to expand the program activities on Pan India level. Being a member of various District Road Safety Committees, TRAX is also active in addressing and providing solutions to the real-time road safety issues.

Success in Standardised Helmets’ Advocacy in India

  • States are implementing Section 138(f)(4). The existing guideline is to provide Two Helmets with a New Motorised Two Wheeler.
  • Recommended Child Helmet for New Motor Vehicle Amendment Act.
  • Submitted Requests for TAX removal on helmets to Ministry of Finance.
  • Submitted requests for Inclusion of Helmet in BIS Mandatory List to different stakeholders and work is in process at the level of Government
  • Submission of Suggestion by TRAX and the received Suggestions through “Signature Campaign” to bring Helmet under Protective Helmet for Two Wheelers riders under Compulsory Certification under Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016.As per issued notification by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


Need Based Infrastructure Interventions Advocacy for Damage Bridge to Be Reconstructed

TRAX always believes in providing practical and effective solutions in order to improve road safety. In the process of providing safer infrastructure design, we have been working in this domain for a long time at many locations in India. We try to keep an eye on the problem across the country and put our possible effort to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, We have seen an article published on 5th August’2019 regarding Ring Road, Jaipur in Rajasthan Patrika. Article reported that the stretch was in the worst conditions and required urgent attention by the authorities. While keeping in mind the risk of commuters at that stretch, we approached the concerned authorities to resolve the issue and suggestions were seriously considered by them. Resulting this, in return related authority has ensured to take necessary action. The development process is in process.

Safe School Zone

TRAX is advocating for Safe School Zone from last 4 years in Delhi, Gurugram and Faridabad .we have successfully completed two schools in Delhi, Two School in Gurugram and Two School in Faridabad. In our forthcoming Project in Mumbai, we will convert Threemost Vulnerable Schools into Safe School Zone under our campaign ‘Road Safety Rangers 2.O’ with SOMPO JAPAN.

Under the initiative vulnerable schools have been converted into Safe School Zone. Infrastructural Changes around the Schools.

Placed the Road Signage Both the Side of Road

  • Speed limit Sign
  • School Ahead Sign
  • Safe School Zone Message Board
  • Speed Breaker Sign

Other developments

  • Zebra Crossing Painting with Stop Line
  • Paved Shoulder at both Sides
  • Rumble Stripes
  • Speed Humps
  • Painting of Wall with Road Safety Messages
  • Placement of the footpath fencing
  • Repair of the broken sidewalk
  • Repairing of Breaking Wall
  • Placement of the Bollards

The outcome of this infrastructural intervention was the improvement of rating from 2 Star into 4 star.


Safe-Vehicle Design

As TRAX has been advocating for Safe and Standardised Helmets for Riders and Pillion Riders, we have extended our Project to the Safety of Two Heeler Riders which includes Safe Design of Vehicle also. In view of the Follow -Up of Safe Riding Initiative Conference, dedicated To Safety of Two Wheeler Riders and Pillion Rider organised by TRAX and Central Road Research Institute under the auspices of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on April 12-13, 2018. The conference was attended by about 150 delegates from different regions of the country and witnessed the participation of 20 NGOs from 15 states and in addition, foreign delegates form United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Iran,Australia, Japan and Nepal have attended the conference and given their expert view on the subject. Highlighted Points in the conference focused on:-

  • Honourable Prime Minister of the country shall be made the Brand Ambassador to address road safety and hence shall be requested to assume the position of Chairman of National Road Safety Program for issuing policy decisions.
  • Advocating for Maintenance of Roads Especially Potholes
  • Scientific Design of Motorized Two Wheelers
  • ABS in MTW
  • To Promote use of standardized Helmets
  • Helmet usage for all ages
  • Advertising Policy and Role of the Communicators Recommendations Submitted to Supreme Court Committee, MoRTH, Niti Aayog and other concerned Departments.

The advocacy continued in different forms of activities, workshops and advocacy. We are following up with the Governments and other Stakeholders on our submitted recommendations.

The decision of Government of India, for making the ABS system mandatory for the Two – Wheeler in India, as a step forward to assure the Safe Two –Wheeler Design.TRAX also along with many other Stakeholders and NGO’s have advocated for the same.TRAX also submitted the recommendations from the SRI conference to Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, NitiAaayog and other stakeholders for needful actions.


Road User Behaviour

TRAX since its inception has been advocating for Safe Road UserBehaviour and have organised several activities and associated with numbers of Stakeholders during last Twelve Years. TRAX is actively working in Education Programs, Training programs, Awareness through Enforcement drives and advocacy for correct media content. We have reached to more than 2 Million People in India through our campaigns, Social Media Engagements and Through interviews at Channels and in Newspapers.


1- Ride to Safety Campaign
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd.initiated a campaign ‘Ride To Safety Initiative’ a campaign dedicated to Child Helmet and Road Safety Awareness. TRAX is attached with Ride to Safety Campaign from its inception for last five years.

Since last five years we have reached to thousands of School Students and their parents in different cities. And also have distributed Child and Adult Quality Helmets to them free of cost. The project is its continuation phase. Approx. 30,000 Free Helmet Distributedthrough this Project.

2- Awareness session at Schools:
On Safe School Zone In the continuation mobilization of community Young Representatives of TRAX conducting awareness sessions in schools for School Authorities, Teachers and Students on Road Safety and especially on Safe School Zone explaining them about Zebra Crossing, Understanding Signages, Role of School Authorities and Teachers for Safe School Zone etc. And also assisting them for their initiatives to promote SSZ.

3- Road Safety and Juniors:
Road Safety and Juniors is a self sustainable model jointly initiated by Government of Haryana, M.G. Motor and TRAX S. Society. The Road Safety and Juniors Campaign has completed with the #OneHourForNation activity. Thousands of students and apporx.150 schools have come together and raised the voice for Safer Roads in Gurugram ad Faridabad, Haryana.295 teachers from 257 schools and 504 school bus drivers have been trained on Road Safety and the Role of Bystander as well as first aid education.

Approximately 167000 students were sensitized through this initiative directly. And Approx.5 lacs people were aware through various activities including Chain activity, Placement of Hoarding/ Banners /Posters, Video Created by the client based on Road Safety and Juniors Achievements.

4- Safe Road Users Initiative:
An Initiative by Eicher Group Foundation and TRAX S.Society Supported By Kolkata Traffic Police
In the continuation of “Safe Road Users Initiative ” a joint initiative by Eicher Group Foundation and TRAX with support of Kolkata Traffic Department, to achieve a goal by encouraging youth to use the Standardised Helmets. The Outcome of the project are following:

  • Increased awareness in the mass of Kolkata
  • Awareness of MVAV penalties 2019
  • Increased number of sensitised and responsible youth towards Road Safety
  • Increased Wearing of helmet within 2 km parameter by students
  • Increased involvement of the youth in mobilisation of community for Road Safety
  • Road Safety culture has been inculcated in the youth of Kolkata, making the initiative sustainable
  • Almost 17 Colleges ofstudents and thousands of bypassers (violators) have been sensitized through this initiative. The initiative has been appreciated by different stakeholders involved through many positive feedbacks and Case studies.

3500 college students benefited with standardized helmets in Kolkata as well as reached thousands of commuter in Kolkata City.

5- Under Media Content Regulation Program

Government of Uttar Pradesh already banned the exhibition of such TV commercials which include negligent driving, rash driving, stunts, driving without helmet and seatbelt. TRAX has submitted the report to Honourable Supreme Court Committed on Road Safety and World Health Organization. The result has been quite positive and then guidelines on the subject are being issued for the content of advertisements in electronic and print media. Advertising Council of India has also considered the points. We are waiting for the stringent guidelines on the same. – Youth Road Safety Ambassadors through Capacity Building programs on Road Safety – Through our awareness campaigns and Advocacy with Media – print and Electronic, we have aware lacs of people on road safety of different ages. – Road Safety Education is mandatory for Teacher during their training.


Post crash care

Post-Crash Care is not a single-step process, but a chain of activities such as pre-hospital care, in-hospital trauma care, Trauma care systems and rehabilitation help to reduce morbidity, fatality and disability due to road crashes. Simultaneously, it is also required proper Post-Crash Investigation, Financial support to Victim/ Victim’s family, Fast Track Hearing in Court of Road Crash Cases, System of Mandatory Training of First respondent and Awareness of Good Samaritan etc…

Train the Trainer Programme –Traffic Safety and First Aid Training
Train the Trainer Programme a joint initiative of Transport Department Government of Punjab and TRAX .The pilot project initiated in Mohali, Punjab on Road Safety and Role of Bystanders .Where in 150 teachers from 150 schools were trained Role of Bystander as well as First Aid.

In the continuation of ‘Road Safety & Juniors’ Initiative ,under Road Safety and Juniors program , 295 teachers from 257 schools teachers and 505 drivers have been trained from various schools of Gurugram and Faridabad on the Role of Bystanders and First Respondent. The training was done in association with the Specialist Doctor / Paramedic from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences).