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India is heading towards better infrastructure and better vehicles. But on another hand in every one hour, 423 road crash deaths are happening.In 2019, 4,37,396 Road Crashes 1,54,732 fatalities and 4,39,262 people got injured. This is a high time to take the step steps to make the Roads more Safer with more participation of Government, Corporates, NGOs and Public.

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Rajni Gandhi

Founder President TRAX S.Society
WHO LDP Member, India

Ms. Rajni Gandhi considers that Road Safety as a fundamental right of human beings, which has motivated her dedicatedly working towards Road Safety for the last 12 years. She is energetically working on all the pillars of Road Safety which comprises Management, Infrastructure, Safe Design of Vehicle, Post-Crash Care and most importantly Road User Behaviour.

She feels that Road safety should start from the communicators like Politicians, Celebrities and taught from an early age so that when children grow up, they become responsible road users as the driver, passenger, and Pedestrian. Road crashes have a major impact on Indian lives, economy and national growth. Life in every 3.5 minutes is lost due to a road crash in India at present. Around 3% of GDP loss to the nation is estimated due to the same.

Ms. Rajni has a vast knowledge of Road Safety as a whole, she is advocating on various issues for many years including Media Content Regulatory Program, Standardized Helmet, Removal of GST from Helmet, Staffing Norms and implementation of Section 138(4) (f). To achieve the impact of advocacy she is reaching the International, National, States, and District level.

Ms. Gandhi is Founder General Secretary – TRAX S. Society and also associated with different organization like Global Road Safety Advocate- Global Alliance of NGOs, Director- Indian Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, Advisor – Save The Nation, Ethiopia. She also carries Post Graduate (Course) Delft University, The Netherlands and Certification in ‘Road Traffic Injury Prevention and Control in Low and Middle Income Countries’ from John Hopkins International Injury Research Unit.

Ms.Gandhi has represented TRAX at different National and international platforms. She has also attended 2ND High Level Global Conference On Road Safety, Brasilia, 2015 and 3rd High Level Global Conference On Road Safety, 2020 in Sweden.